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Boiler services

A serviced boiler is crucial to maintaining an efficient heating and hot water supply for your home or property. Therefore, it is essential to have your boiler serviced annually. This will give you peace of mind and will pick up on problems at an early stage. The boiler gets used more than the car on the drive, so it’s crucial to get it serviced every 12 months; not just for safety reasons but also to keep the boiler warranty or guarantee up to date and valid. If you live in a newbuild, the builder’s warranty normally expires after 2 years. In some cases, we have identified underlying issues during the boilers first service, caused by the boiler being incorrectly installed. In these situations, the builders have to rectify it free of charge, but should these only be identified after 2 years, its down to the owner to make the necessary alterations at their own costs.

A good time for servicing is during the summer months so that you are well prepared for the cold months ahead. 

Preparation is also important – as with many things in life prevention is better than cure and often less expensive. You can check your systems too, prior to winter setting in.  It is good practise to run the heating system for a couple of hours before the cold weather arrives. 

Once the heating is on, check that all of the radiators are getting hot.  The other thing to check is the boiler’s pressure, to ensure it isn’t getting low or too high. 

How do you know if your boiler is in trouble?  Three things to notice are: 

  • Your boiler just isn’t heating up water as well anymore. 
  • When the boiler fires up, the ignition noise is now louder than usual, you can hear a bang, which you haven’t heard before.
  • Clanking noises in the system, during start up, or after its been running for a while. 

To help prevent breakdowns, please give us a call to book in an appointment for a service. We will give you an indication of the cost for the service – though it will vary depending on what our qualified engineers find on arrival. 

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