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LPG, Oil and Natural Gas

LPG, Oil and Natural Gas

Natural Gas currently provides more than 84% of our heating needs and around 40% of our electricity generation in the UK.  

Around 1.1 m households in the UK are not connected to the national gas grid and rely on other fuel sources.  Many of these households are in the countryside and are, effectively off-grid. 

This is common in Wiltshire where there are many rural villages and locations, or isolated hamlets, which are not connected to main gas or electricity sources. 

What other fuel sources are available?

LPG, and oil are two other choices available.

What is LPG?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a popular choice of fuel for heating if you are off the main grid, as it can be used within a conventional gas central heating system.  The main difference between LPG gas and mains gas is that you will need to have the fuel delivered and stored at your property.

We can install and service LPG fired boilers and can also source any parts needed.

What type of oil is used for heating?

The other option is oil and kerosene oil is the most common type used in UK homes.

Gas oil is found more generally in agriculture or commercial settings and it’s very common in Wiltshire to see lorries delivering oil around the county. 

Those who have oil-fired systems will have large storage tanks on their property and, these days, will have deliveries up to once a quarter and they will pay for it on a monthly basis to spread the cost. 

Do these systems need servicing in the same way as natural gas systems?

Like Natural Gas heating systems, LPG and Oil heating systems also need to be serviced yearly to maintain their performance and safety. Oil even more so, as the soot/carbon build up inside oil boilers can cause severe damage, worst case scenario, boiler replacement if not serviced annually. Storing fuel on a property is a recognised hazard and there’s huge responsibility for this to be maintained and checked regularly for safety reasons. 

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