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Unvented hot water cylinders, installation and servicing

Unvented hot water cylinders, installation and servicing

ANNUAL SERVICE  REQUIRED – SAME AS A BOILER, this will avoid many breakdowns. Worst case scenario, these tanks can explode due to lack of maintenance and if they do, it can expand to 1 x 1500 times it size.

Lack of maintenance / service also cause:

  • Severe leaks, as its mains pressure
  • External expansion vessels attached to the cylinders breaks out of walls and falls to the floor, due to weight where water accumulates inside tanks, when not serviced annually
  • The flexible pipework connecting the expansion vessel to cylinder, snaps and mains water runs out at mains pressure until discovered, causing sever damage to the property.

This is one of two types of hot water cylinders: vented and unvented.

Vented cylinders are more likely found in older properties, and these require a supply of water from a large tank of cold water in the loft. The water travels down a cold feed to a hot water cylinder, which is often found in an airing cupboard. Older cylinders have red wrap around lagging and more recent designs has a spray on foam, normally green or yellow in colour.

An Unvented Hot Water Cylinder is a pressurised system which is fed directly from the cold mains water feed and therefore can deliver hot water at mains pressure, which is great for improving the performance of your shower and bath.  The latter doesn’t require a cold-water tank in the loft and is normally grey or white in colour.

How do I know there are problems with my unvented hot water cylinder?

It is normal for the cylinder to creak or gurgle a little, due to the fact that it expands when heated. However, if the noise increases, it may mean sediment has built up. Signs that things are not well include: 

  • Dirty or smelly hot water.
  • Water is too hot.
  • None or not enough hot water.
  • No water at all.
  • Water running into the tundish, a black inspection fitting, located some where around the cylinder in the same location as the cylinder.

If the water from the taps is boiling, and far too hot, then this is dangerous, and needs immediate action to avoid the risk of injury. Call us immediately. 

With many of the other faults, parts can be replaced to remedy the problem.  As with any other heating system, keeping your hot water cylinder in top condition helps with the overall systems efficiency. Arranging a regular servicing from a professional engineer is important.

We have the resources to be able to service, fix, or install a new system in your home and offer you an after-care solution such as booking an annual check. 

Should you have an issue with mains pressure supplies or thinking about upgrading the system from gravity to mains, please get in touch and we can discuss various options to boost mains water pressure.

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