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Water softener systems

Water Softener and Filtered Drinking water systems

Wiltshire surely is a lovely county however, it’s also a county where we have very hard water.  In fact, Wiltshire is one of the areas with the hardest water in the UK.

How does hard water affect your home?

Hard water lessens the life span of kitchen appliances, clogging up your washing machines, water heaters and other kitchen devices. 

It leaves lime scale marks around taps and around plugholes in baths and washbasins.  Also, some toilet cisterns are affected by lime scale, which causes them to stop working properly.

Hard water can even have a detrimental affect your central heating boiler.

Why do we get hard water?

Hard water is high in mineral content. It forms when water seeps through rocks containing deposits of chalk, limestone or gypsum.  In this area, limestone and chalk, which are high in calcium carbonate and magnesium, cause the very hard water. Indeed, the phrase ‘chalk & cheese’ actually originates from the agricultural heritage of Wiltshire. 

Hard water is not harmful to drink in any way.  It is a completely natural state that happens to be more prevalent in the south of England.  Nothing can be done to stop it – until it reaches the home. Limescale destroys everything it comes in contact with over time. More than 50% of our plumbing breakdowns are due to limescale damage.

What can be done to solve the problem in your home?

Having a water softener system installed in your home can make a huge difference to not only the taste of the water, but also in extending the life of all of your kitchen appliances.

It’s an investment upfront but it can extend the life of many of your kitchen and bathroom appliances. 

How does a water softener work?

Most water softeners are ion exchange water softeners. These systems remove the hard minerals from your supply. As the hard water flows through the water softener an ion exchange takes place and magnesium and calcium ions are replaced with sodium ions.

The water softener system is attached to your home’s plumbing system, which ensures that all parts of the home benefit from the softer water. The systems do require salt to be used via an external access point and we can advise you on that and even supply salt if required.

Experience the benefits of softened water for your home, health and happiness  

Save money with softened water

  • Your heating system works more efficiently
  • You reduce your cleaning bills by over half, less chemicals are better for the environment
  • Your appliances will last longer

Feel great with softened water

  • You have a lot less cleaning to do
  • Your hair and skin feels great
  • You get nice bubbly baths and showers

Give us a call, and we can discuss the different options for fitting a system in your home or even locate it externally if possible, leaving you with valuable kitchen cupboard space.

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